Hobe Sound Bible College

Philosophy of Christian Education

A 7-hour seminar offered by Hobe Sound Bible College

The Philosophy of Christian Education course from Hobe Sound Bible College is a 7-hour seminar that provides the student with a foundation for understanding several key components of a Biblical philosophy of Christian education including the history of educational philosophy (both biblical and secular), a working definition of a Christian worldview, understanding of Biblical integration, and philosophy of teaching methods, classroom discipline, and curriculum development.

The following is the outline of the course:
  1. Starting Points for Christian Education
  2. Christian Curriculum
  3. Partners in Christian Education
  4. Learning Models and Christian Education
  5. Discipline in Christian Education
  6. Success in Christian Education

This course may be used to fulfill the Philosophy of Christian Education requirement for certification with the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What do I need to complete this course?
    • This course is designed to be self-contained.  Everything you need is inside the course itself.  If you have access to word processing software (e.g. Microsoft Word), you are welcome to use it for assignments you need to complete.  However, you can also make your written submissions directly into the course if necessary.
  • How much time will this course take to complete?
    • The amount of time this course takes you to complete will depend on many factors, but a very rough estimate is that this course will take approximately 6-9 hours to complete.
  • What is the cost of the course?
    • The Philosophy of Christian Education course costs $75 per student.  There is a group rate of $50 per student for 5 or more students.  You may use the group registration form if you wish to register a group.
  • Can I sign up an entire group of students?
  • When will I get access to the course?
    • You will get access to the course immediately upon completion of the form below.  You will receive an email with instructions regarding how to access the course, and you are welcome to begin right away.
  • How long do I have to complete this course?
    • The course will be available to you for 30 days from the date you first access the course.
  • What will I receive upon completion of the course?
    • After you finish the course, we’ll send you a digital Certificate of Completion that you can send to any organization that requires proof course completion.  You will also have the option within the course to have us forward a copy of your Certificate of Completion directly to an organization of your choice.
  • Who can I contact for additional information?
  • Where do I start?
    • Fill out the form below, and we’ll send you instructions to get you started immediately!

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