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About HSBC

Hobe Sound Bible College is located on the Atlantic Coast of South Florida, in the town of Hobe Sound. The campus is secure and safe, yet located close to essential commercial services. Hobe Sound is 25 miles north of West Palm Beach on U.S. Highway 1, and 12 miles south of Stuart. Major airlines with planes landing at Palm Beach International Airport make the school readily accessible by air. Bus and train connections are also handy. The campus is bounded by the Indian River on the east, and is approximately one mile from the Atlantic Ocean.

Hobe Sound Bible College is one of numerous North American institutions of learning designated as Bible Colleges. This title signifies a dedication to a unique philosophy of education. No one can be exposed to an educational environment without being affected by the basic philosophy underlying the institution. Therefore, it is but logical that Christians should seek an education in an atmosphere charged with a right philosophy.

The philosophy of the Bible College embraces:

1. A Bible-Centered Education: The core of the curriculum is the Bible-God’s inspired Word. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” and education that becomes separated from this foundation begins to drift. It will not have a proper motivation, direction or objective. In an age of shifting tides in educational philosophy, the Bible college stands upon the unchanging rock of God’s Eternal Word. This means that not only is the direct study of the Bible the principal major study, but also that all other studies are permeated and directed by the great eternal truth of God’s Word.

2. An Education for the Whole Person: In a day of emphasis upon the moral education of a person, the Bible college can well lay claim to the worthiness of its educational program. Secular education is partial education and therefore inadequate. As Christians, we are aware that human beings are more than brain and brawn. The education that ignores (to say nothing of denying) this essential being of man can hardly claim to be total education.

3. An Education for Living: While providing training and equipment for service, the Bible college aims to prepare the person to live adequately and fully, whatever may be his sphere of service. For one who is called of God into specialized service, such as a minister or missionary, a Bible college education is an imperative; and for one who proposes to live a dedicated life for Christ in whatever place he may labor, it will prove invaluable.

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