Hobe Sound Bible College

Mission & Purpose

Our foundational reason for existing

Our Statement of Faith

Every school is undergirded and motivated by a philosophy that is reflected in the character of its students. Hobe Sound Bible College is committed to a very definite philosophical viewpoint, which ultimately is theological.

We believe final, absolute truth centers in a Creator God. This truth is revealed in the Bible and in the created universe and is personified in Jesus Christ, the Eternal Son of God. Education is a Christ-centered, biblically-integrated process of developing spiritually, mentally, and physically.

The ultimate aim of life is not adjustment to the age but conformity to Christ. This objective is achieved by a disciplined life of sacrificial service, patterned after Him who pleased not Himself, who came not to be served but to serve and who gave Himself for others.

Our Mission

The mission of Hobe Sound Bible College is to provide a Christ-centered, Bible-based education in the Wesleyan tradition. We are committed to preparing servant-leaders who think biblically, live Spirit-filled lives, fulfill the great commission, and glorify God in all they do.

A Bible-Centered Education

The core of the curriculum is the Bible—God’s inspired Word. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” and education that becomes separated from this foundation begins to drift. It will not have a proper motivation, direction, or objective. In an age of shifting tides in educational philosophy, the Bible college stands upon the unchanging rock of God’s eternal Word. This means that not only is the direct study of the Bible the principal major study but also that all other studies are permeated and directed by the great eternal truth of God’s Word.

An Education for the Whole Person

In a day of emphasis upon the moral education of a person, the Bible college can well lay claim to the worthiness of its educational program. Secular education is partial education and therefore inadequate. As Christians we are aware that human beings are more than brain and brawn. The education that ignores (to say nothing of denying) this essential being of man can hardly claim to be total education.

An Education for Living

While providing training and equipment for service, the Bible college aims to prepare the person to live adequately and fully whatever may be his or her sphere of service. For one who is called of God into specialized service, such as a minister or missionary, a Bible college education is an imperative, and for one who proposes to live a dedicated life for Christ in whatever place he or she may labor, it will prove invaluable.