Ministry Teams

HSBC groups and ministry team information.

Ministry Teams

The Music Ministry Teams of Hobe Sound Bible College perform in churches, schools, church camps, youth camps and conventions around the country as they represent HSBC throughout the school year and in the summer. Their most important goal is to lead congregations into the presence of God through music and testimony. They reach out to HSBC alumni, supporters and prospective students through gospel music.

If you would like to schedule a ministry team at your church, camp or event, please contact the Public Relations Office at 772-545-1400 ext. 1007.

Ablaze Quartet

Josh Modlin—lead, sophomore, Ministerial Department; Seth Thomas—bass, sophomore, Counseling Department; Paul Stetler—pianist/sponsor; Tyrel Hurst—baritone, junior, Professional Studies Department; Ryan Burley—tenor, freshman, Professional Studies Department


Eileen Cole—soprano 1, junior, Child Evangelism Program; Ashley Young—soprano 2, freshman, Missions Department; Andrea Case—alto, junior, Education Department; Tim Gessner-driver, sophomore, Aviation; Carla Case-pianist


Ethan Martin—tenor, freshman, Professional Studies Department; Janessa Beardslee—alto, junior, Education and Missions Departments; Katrina Hutchinson—soprano, junior, Counseling; Department; Keri Miller—pianist, freshman, Music Department

Hobe Sound Bible College Chapel Choir

HSBC Chapel Choir

Row 1: Lucas Ryder (director), Jennifer Plank, Rachael Morgan, Rebekah Pickett, Angelly Guiang, Macaylan Alexander,    Samantha  Sprenkle, Laura Sprenkle, Savannah Dinkel, Deanna Miller, Carla Case (accompanist)

Row 2: Lauren Hickman, Rebecca Flowers, Janessa Beardslee, Robin Palmer, Amy Robledo, Priscilaa Ambrocio, Lisha Lopez, Katrina Hutchinson, Brittney Thornbury, Rushamah Mercius, Caitlin Cassell  

Row 3: Hope Kreml, Kristel Miley, Andrea Case, Eileen Cole, Letha Barr, Tavona Kemp, Megan Harris, Julianna Bozone, Brittney Crook, Ashley Young, Amelia Whinnen

Row 4: Eddison Smith, Tyler Archibald, Ed Gonzalez, Timothy Gessner, Jordan Wiford, Lovensky Gresseau, Brad Petty

Row 5: Josh Modlin, Samuel Bozone, Tyrel Hurst, Ryan Burley, Ricky Grubbs, Royal Grubbs, Seth Thomas, Ephraim Maurival, Eddie Smith