Partner Ministries

Three organizations with one heartbeat.

Hobe Sound Bible Church

At Hobe Sound Bible Church it’s all about connecting—connecting with each other and ultimately with God. Everyone in our congregation reflects the unique creativity of God, and it is the desire of Hobe Sound Bible Church for each of us to fully realize that we are complete in Christ; to be daily transformed into His likeness; and to have His mind formed in us—to live as His hands, feet and heart.

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Touching Lives for Christ a ministry of Hobe Sound Bible Church:


Hobe Sound Bible College

The core of the curriculum is the Bible—God’s inspired Word. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,” and education that becomes separated from this foundation begins to drift. It will not have a proper motivation, direction or objective. In an age of shifting tides in educational philosophy, the Bible college stands upon the unchanging rock of God’s Eternal Word. This means that not only is the direct study of the Bible the principal major study, but also that all other studies are permeated and directed by the great eternal truth of God’s Word.

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Hobe Sound Christian Academy a ministry of Hobe Sound Bible College:


FEA Ministries

Florida Evangelistic Association, now known as FEA Ministries, was founded in 1946 to promote evangelism, revival, and Christian education, and to provide a home for retired Christian workers. Hope International Missions, their mission arm, has been striving to spread revival and emphasize evangelism into the 21st century.

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