Faculty Directory

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President: Mr. Matt Maloyed
Academic Dean: Dr. Clifford Churchill
Director of Public Relations: Mr. John Mark Forsee
Director of Administrative Services: Mr. Wesley Holden
Dean of Student Life: Mr. John Jones
Director of Finance: Dr. Aaron Hamilton
Dean of Hobe Online: Dr. Brent Jones
Academy Principal: Mr. Robert Booth

Department Chairs

Counseling: Dr. Chris Dewhurst
Intercultural Studies: Mr. Sidney Grant
Ministerial Studies: Dr. Aaron Hamilton
Music Education: Mr. Lucas Ryder
Professional Studies: Mr. Sidney Grant
Education: Mrs. Joana Stratton
Language & Linguistics: Dr. Donald Englund
Bible & Theology: Dr. Paul Kaufman

Regina Bermudez

Bermudez, Regina

Instructor—Foreign Language

BA, 1996, American University of Puerto Rico
MEd, 2002, University of Phoenix
MEd, 2007, University of Phoenix
Employed since 2022

Robert Booth

Booth, Robert

Academy Principal
772-546-1400 Ext 1255

BA, 2002, Hobe Sound Bible College
MAR, 2014, Evangelical Theological Seminary
MEd, 2021, Hobe Sound Bible College
Employed since 2013

Doyle Bozone

Bozone, Doyle

Instructor—Music Department
772-545-1400 Ext 1072

AA, 1993, Hobe Sound Bible College
BS, 1992, Pensacola Christian College
MCM, 1996, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Employed since 1998

Carla Case

Case, Carla

Instructor—General Education
772-545-1400 Ext 1253

BA, 2009, Hobe Sound Bible College
MA, 2021, Hobe Sound Bible College
Employed since 2008

Cliff Churchill

Churchill, Dr. Clifford

Academic Dean, Instructor—Philosophy
772-545-1400 Ext 1019

BS, 1974, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
MEd, 1979, Bob Jones University
EdD, 1993, Nova Southeastern University
Employed since 1974

Collins, Rachel

Instructor—General Education
772-545-1400 Ext 1253

BA, 1986, Hobe Sound Bible College
MA, 2009, Indiana Wesleyan University
Employed since 2012

Richard Daniels

Daniels, Richard

Instructor—General Education
772-545-1400 Ext 1255

BA, 1973, Hobe Sound Bible College
Employed 1979-1984 and since 2010

Chris Dewhurst

Dewhurst, Dr. Chris

Chairman—Counseling Department, Instructor—Counseling
772-545-1400 Ext 1025

BA, 2004, Union Bible College
BS, 2010, Ohio University
MEd, 2011, Wright State University
MA, 2018, University of the Cumberlands
PsyD, 2020, University of the Cumberlands
Employed since 2021

Don Englund

Englund, Dr. Donald

Chair – Language and Linguistics, Instructor—General Education
772-545-1400 Ext 1022

BA, 1973, Kansas City College and Bible School
MA, 1995, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
MA, 2006, University of Kansas
PhD, 2015, University of Kansas
Employed since 2020

John Mark Forsee

Foresee, John Mark

Director of Public Relations
772-545-1400 Ext 1007

BA, 2018, Union Bible College
Employed since 2022

Heidi Grabill

Grabill, Heidi

Director of Ministry Formation, Instructor—Music

BA, 2022, Allegheny Wesleyan College
Employed since 2022

Sidney Grant

Grant, Sidney

Chairman—Intercultural Studies Department, Instructor—Bible and Missions
Chairman – Professional Studies
772-545-1400 Ext 1031

BA, 1987, Hobe Sound Bible College
MA, 2006, Moody Theological Seminary
Employed since 2016

Halstead, Glenn

Instructor—Language and Linguistics

BA, 1972, Hobe Sound Bible College
MA, 2006, Wesley Biblical Seminary
Employed since 1996

Aaron Hamilton

Hamilton, Dr. Aaron

Director of Finance, Instructor—Business
Chairman—Ministerial Department
772-545-1400 Ext 1005

BA, 2009, God’s Bible School & College
MA/MBA, 2017, Ohio Christian University
PhD, 2022, Columbia International University
Employed since 2017

Wes Holden

Holden, Wesley

Director of Administrative Services, Instructor—Bible and Theology
772-545-1400 Ext 1032

BA, 1978, Hobe Sound Bible College
MChrEd, 1981, Aldersgate School of Religion
MA, 2013, Trinity Theological Seminary
Employed since 1994

Howard, James


BA, 1979, Faith Bible School
MA, 1998, Azusa Pacific University
Employed since 1998

Brent Jones

Jones, Dr. Brent

Dean of Hobe Online, Instructor—Professional Studies
772-545-1400 Ext 1254/1014

BA, 2006, Hobe Sound Bible College
MS, 2009, Florida State University
EdD, 2017, Nova Southeastern University
Employed since 2007


John Jones

Jones, John

Dean of Student Life, Instructor—Professional Studies
772-545-1400 Ext 1012

BA, 1980, Hobe Sound Bible College
MA, 2018, American Military University
Employed since 1992

Kaufman, Dr. Paul

Chairman—Bible and Theology Department, Instructor—Bible
772-545-1400 Ext 1028

BA, 1973, Allegheny Wesleyan College
ThM, 1981, Antietam Seminary
ThD, 1982, Antietam Seminary
MA, 1983, Hebrew University/Johns Hopkins University
STM, 1989, Lutheran Theological Seminary (Gettysburg)
PhD, 1994, Kent State University
Employed since 2004

Matt Maloyed

Maloyed, Matt

HSBC/A President
772-545-1400 Ext 1021

BA, 2008, Penn View Bible Institute
Employed since 2022

Marianne Mills

Mills, Marianne

772-545-1400 Ext 1070

BA, 2011, Hobe Sound Bible College
Employed since 2022

Paula Pierpoint

Pierpoint, Paula

772-545-1400 Ext 1070

BA, 1984, Hobe Sound Bible College
MCM, 1988, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Employed since 2008

Alanna Ryder

Ryder, Alanna

Instructor—Education Department

BA, 2012, God’s Bible School & College
MA, 2017, Liberty University
Employed since 2015

Lucas Ryder

Ryder, Lucas

Chairman—Music Department, Instructor—Music
772-545-1400 Ext 1073

BA, 2011, God’s Bible School & College
MM, 2013, Indiana State University
Employed since 2014

Stetler, Dr. Daniel

Instructor—Ministerial and Bible and Theology Departments

BRE, 1974,God’s Bible School & College
ThB, 1975, God’s Bible School & College
BA, 1976, God’s Bible School & College
MA, 1987, Cincinnati Christian Seminary
DD (Honorary), 2016, Wesley Biblical Seminary
Employed since 1995

Joana Stratton

Stratton, Joana

Chairperson—Education Department, Instructor—Education
772-545-1400 Ext 1024

BS, 2002, Greenville College
MS, Eastern Illinois University
Employed since 2009-2012; 2013

Jon Stratton

Stratton, Jon

Director of Discipleship, Instructor—General Studies
772-545-1400 Ext 1029

BA, 2004, Hobe Sound Bible College
MA, 2017, Knox Theological Seminary
Employed since 2005

Nathan Veyon

Veyon, Nathan

Instructor—General Education
772-545-1400 Ext 1214

BA, 2012, Hobe Sound Bible College
MA, 2021, Hobe Sound Bible College
Employed since 2017

Lynn Weitbrecht

Weitbrecht, Lynn

772-545-1400 Ext 1015

BA, 1991, God’s Bible School & College
Employed since 2022