Pastors and church leaders around the world are beginning to identify the need for counselors who are skilled, effective, and thoroughly Christian. The counseling program at Hobe Sound Bible College will provide information and skills-training for those who have the desire to provide competent, Christian-based counseling. Those interested in a career as a licensed professional will have the opportunity to complete the prerequisites necessary for graduate training.

Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling, Minor in Pastoral Ministries
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling, Minor in Education
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling, Minor in Music
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling, Minor in Intercultural Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling, Minor in Child Evangelism
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling, Minor in TESOL
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling, Minor in Aviation
  • Associate of Arts in Counseling

This program provides the educational requirements to become a board-certified Biblical Counselor or board-certified Pastoral Counselor as well as allowing prospective graduate students to complete the prerequisites for a master’s degree in Professional Counseling, the gateway to licensure.

Hobe Sound Bible College offers an 18-hour minor in Counseling that can be completed in conjunction with any of the Bachelor of Arts degrees.

Quotes from CHM Leaders

For a number of years I have had a serious concern about the lack of professional counseling from a Wesleyan perspective available to those of us in places of ministerial responsibility. It is very difficult to find a well-trained person from a Wesleyan theological persuasion—not to mention a conservative holiness persuasion—who can offer professional counsel in situations involving complex emotional problems. Dr. Andrew Graham is such a person!

~ President Daniel Stetler
Hobe Sound Bible College

Dr. Andrew Graham is filling a unique place of service to us that is greatly needed. His education and experience have brought him to a highly qualified position as a resource to us. He is my “go-to” person as a consultant and adviser on things related to emotional or psychological challenges in ministry and pastoral counseling.

~ Pastor John Parker
Alabama Bible Methodist


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