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Languages and Linguistics: TESOL



  • Study under Fulbright Scholar Alumnus Dr. Ignacio Palacios, who holds
    a Ph.D. in English Rhetoric and Linguistics from Indiana University of
  • Receive a well-rounded theoretical, methodological, and practical
    preparation for teaching English as an additional language to
    international students: children, adolescents, and adults.
  • Experience practical training as prospective TESOL teachers become
    personally involved in tutoring and doing practicum experiences
    actually tutoring/teaching learners of the English language.
  • Study in the diverse cultural climate of South Florida with a multi-ethnic
    student body.
  • Upon degree completion, besides getting a Certificate of Completion
    in TESOL Courses, prospective teachers may also qualify in their
    respective states for state teaching certificates in ESOL and/or TESOL.
  • Travel around the world, since TESOL is your key to success in a
    profession that opens doors world-wide for English language teachers.

TESOL Program Degrees:

  • BA Major in TESOL
  • BA in General Studies with concentration in TESOL
  • BA in any other major (ministerial, missions, education, music, etc.) with Minor in TESOL

What HSBC TESOL alumni are saying about TESOL at HSBC:

  • Betty Chen from Taiwan has stated:
    • “I’m working for an aerospace components manufacturer and teaching English to elementary and middle school students. I recommend people to study at Hobe Sound because it’s a very good school and things such as sincere and friendly people, safe environment, excellent faculty are qualities that make HSBC a place for people who want to invest in their education and learn things that other schools can’t provide.”
  • Robert Black from Hawaii has stated:
    • As a TESOL student in a school filled with students from around the world, I was given many opportunities to engage in cross-cultural communication and language teaching and learning… HSBC is a supportive incubator for aspiring educators, for you will learn how to teach by learning from some of the best and most credentialed teachers…
    • Some time after graduation, I spent 5 years teaching in South Korea. I completed a master’s degree and went on to a tenure-track college teaching post where I helped start an English department for a rural college. This past year, I brought my wife and our two boys to live in Hawaii on the island of Oahu where I am helping build an international student bridge program for a private Christian school, Hanalani Schools. We are excited to be involved in full-time Christian ministry, a seed planted in my heart while at HSBC, and we look forward to what God will continue to do at HSBC as they train teachers for the building of God’s Kingdom.
  • Paul Troyer has stated the following:
    • I am currently a full time language student in a limited access country. I use my TESOL skills to do volunteer work at a local ACE school. After language study, I plan to use TESOL as a way to work and stay in the country.
    • HSBC is one of the few colleges I know of that offers TESOL classes in an undergraduate program. The TESOL classes were high quality and prepared me for graduate work. Also, the Florida area is rich with immigrants, so many opportunities exist for students to gain experience in teaching English.
  • Jessie Chan (Baker) from Taiwan has stated three reasons for studying at HSBC:
    • Wonderful, friendly, professional teaching staff.
    • Writing class taught by Dr. Palacios.
    • I am teaching in an elementary school, and I would recommend people to go because [HSBC is] a safe place with beautiful beaches and a friendly community that is involved in the school.