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Teacher Education

Mrs. Christina D. Black - Teacher Education

Teacher Education Program

We have several education degrees available. These degrees, offered both on campus and on line remain our most popular. If you have another interest, however, let us know.

The popular degrees are as follows:   

  • BA in Elementary Education
  • BA in Elementary Education with a Minor in Missions
  • BA in Elementary Education with a Minor in Counseling
  • BA in Elementary Education with a Minor in TESOL
  • BA in Secondary Science Education (*Blended degree)
  • BA in Secondary English Education (Blended degree)
  • BA in Secondary Math Education (Blended degree)
  • BA in Alternative Secondary Education (you choose the specific area)

*Blended degrees are a mixed format of classroom and quality electronic study.  


We also offer several “perks” along the way during your years with us!  

  • Florida State Certification
  • Educational Trips
    • For example, we have visited Focus on the Family
    • We visit a variety of private and public schools
    • We attend a large teacher convention each year called FACCS. There you are treated as a teacher with all the professional rights due you.
  • We offer easily transferrable state certification
  • We provide weekly hands-on classroom experience from freshman to senior year inside our own on campus Master School
    • Introduction to Education
    • Classroom Observation
    • Assistant Teaching I, II, III, IV
    • Student Teaching- full semester with certification option
  • We offer practical courses
    • Children’s Literature
    • Educational Psychology
    • Material, Methods, and Techniques
  • We have both private and public schools within walking distance for practical training and our students ere welcome there.  

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Our Graduates

What they say about our teachers:

  • “The student teacher we recently acquired from Hobe Sound Bible College is a very creative teacher…an amazing storyteller. Any weaknesses are disappearing as she responds to the feedback from her cooperating teachers and from her college supervisor. She keeps a controlled, but relaxed atmosphere. The students talk when she is in charge but she does not allow it to get out of hand. I am enjoying her help in the classroom.” ~ Mentoring faculty comment
  • “The Hobe Sound graduate we recently hired is a good example to our tenured teachers. I have noticed an increase in quality performance school-wide because of her presence. She is able to do creative activities with her students and to continue to manage them well. I see group work, games, outdoor activities, and traditional exercises mixing throughout the school day.” ~ School Principal

The mission of Hobe Sound Bible College is to provide a Christ-centered, Bible-based education in the Wesleyan tradition. We are committed to preparing servant minded leaders who think biblically, live Spirit-filled lives, fulfill the “Great Commission,” and glorify God in all they do. “Knowing Christ and Making Him Known” is our motto.

Teacher Education