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Intercultural Studies

Joy Budensiek - Intercultural Studies

Intercultural StudiesQuick Snapshot

You will notice that we offer a variety of degrees ~ each one is vitally important, depending on your interest and long-term goals. Especially appealing is the two year program. If you are interested in missions but plan to be on a mission field with a specific skill or trade, this program is just right for you. Attend HSBC for two years ~ focus on your Bible, mission and intercultural subjects and graduate with an AA in Intercultural Studies. Then, further your education in one of the majors offered here at Hobe Sound (education, ministerial, music, TESOL) or continue training in a technical field (nursing, mechanics, etc) at the school of your choice.


If one word could define our Intercultural Program it would be “experience.” Here at Hobe Sound we are strategically located to both minister to various ethnic groups right here at our doorstep as well as the whole Caribbean and Latin American world. We interact with as many cultures as possible through international semester trips. Additionally, we tailor each student’s Christian service assignment to include the ethnic group of their choice. By using your Christian service outreach as an arm of your intercultural studies you will have the opportunity to interact on a weekly basis with the people group of your choice. We are all about doing a great job in the classroom, but also providing as many “hands on” experiences as possible. Come join us and open your heart to the peoples of the world.

Intercultural StudiesDegrees Offered

Intercultural Studies (BA)
Intercultural Studies with a Minor in Ministerial Studies (BA)
Intercultural Studies with a Minor in TESOL (BA)
Intercultural Studies with a Minor in Teaching (BA)
Intercultural Studies with a Minor in Counseling (BA)
Intercultural Studies with a Minor in Music (BA)
Intercultural Studies with a Minor in Aviation (BA)
Intercultural Studies (AA)

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