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Monday, Dec. 10


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Degrees Offered:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling, Minor in Pastoral Ministries
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling, Minor in Teacher Education
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling, Minor in Music
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling, Minor in Intercultural Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling, Minor in Child Evangelism
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling, Minor in TESOL
  • Bachelor of Arts in Counseling, Minor in Aviation
  • Associate of Arts in Counseling

 Academic Perks:

  • Graham has a PhD in Professional Counseling from a regionally-accredited Christian university. Dr. Graham is credentialed on the state and national levels as both a professional mental health counselor and a Christian counselor. In addition to more than ten years of clinical experience, Dr. Graham has been involved in undergraduate and graduate education and training since 2007.
  • This program provides the educational requirements to become a Board-Certified Biblical Counselor or Board-Certified Pastoral Counselor as well as allowing prospective graduate students to complete the prerequisites for a master’s degree in Professional Counseling, the gateway to licensure.
  • Hobe Sound Bible College offers an 18-hour minor in Counseling that can be completed in conjunction with any of the Bachelor of Arts degrees.

 Other Perks:

  • Prospective students will include those who are looking for a helping-profession career but do not feel a specific call into pastoral ministry or missions. Possible career opportunities include pastoral counselors, youth counselors, substance abuse counselors, mental health counselors, social workers, and chaplains.
  • The three Hobe Sound Ministries and local agencies allow for unique ministry and vocational opportunities.
  • Bi-annual participation in the American Association of Christian Counselors’ World Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

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 Quotes from other CHM Leaders:

For a number of years I have had a serious concern about the lack of professional counseling from a Wesleyan perspective available to those of us in places of ministerial responsibility. It is very difficult to find a well-trained person from a Wesleyan theological persuasion – not to mention a Conservative Holiness persuasion – who can offer professional counsel in situations involving complex emotional problems. Dr. Andrew Graham is such a person!

~ President Daniel Stetler,
Hobe Sound Bible College

Dr. Andrew Graham is filling a unique place of service to us that is greatly needed. His education and experience have brought him to a highly qualified position as a resource to us. He is my “go to” person as a consultant and adviser on things related to emotional or psychological challenges in ministry and pastoral counseling.

~ Pastor John Parker,
Village Park Bible Methodist Church

Associate of Arts