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Areas of Study

Areas of Study

Professional Studies
The Professional Studies programs are two-year programs geared toward providing foundational knowledge in general-education areas integrated with a Christian worldview. Students will take accredited, state-recognized core courses (such as science, history, and psychology among others) that can be transferred later into another program – at Hobe Sound Bible College, other Christian institutions, or even secular universities.
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Pastors and church leaders around the world are beginning to identify the need for counselors who are skilled, effective, and thoroughly Christian. The Counseling program at Hobe Sound Bible College will provide information and skills-training for those who have the desire to provide competent, Christian-based counseling. Those interested in a career as a licensed professional will have the opportunity to complete the prerequisites necessary for graduate training.
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Intercultural Studies
The Intercultural Studies Program is designed to prepare students to serve as missionaries to people of other cultures. Our program presents students with incredible opportunities to experience cross-cultural ministry and mentoring opportunities with those at the cutting edge of missions. Students in the Intercultural Studies program take one major “hands-on” trip every year where classroom theories and teachings come alive. Join this program to catch the vision for world evangelism.
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Ministerial Studies
The Ministerial Studies program is designed to lead directly to ordination and the full-time work of the pastor, associate pastor, evangelist, and other specialized ministries in the local church. This program provides opportunities for the students to take preaching trips, get to know ministerial majors from other colleges and be involved with a quality ministry team in a large, growing campus church. If God is calling you to a life of Christian service, this program will use biblical, innovative methods to train you to reach out into the community and save the lost.
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Missionary Flight Training
Do you have a passion to learn to fly, or maybe just a curiosity? Do you love helping people in need? From ground school to advanced navigation, the Missionary Flight Training program will prepare you to fulfill your dream of flying. Your training in the Missionary Flight program can be combined as a minor for any of the four-year degrees we offer or can be completed as a two-year Associate of Science degree in Aviation with a General Ed and Bible core.
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Music Education
The Music Education program prepares students to serve in churches, teach in Christian day schools, develop a music studio, or pursue graduate education. Students will be actively involved in performance, teaching, and ministry experiences through Hobe Sound Christian Academy, an accredited “Master School,” our local campus church, and college fine art performances. If you love music and desire to be a Christ-centered, Spirit-filled musician, this is the program for you.
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Teacher Education
The Teacher Education program is designed to prepare Christian teachers who are qualified to teach at both the elementary and secondary levels. The dynamic curriculum will give you practical application through weekly hands-on classroom experience at Hobe Sound Christian Academy, an accredited “Master School.” Graduates of the HSBC Teacher program are eligible to apply for Florida state certification as well as having the tools necessary to continue their education at the Master’s level should they choose to do so. If you are interested in becoming an educator who communicates a Christian world-view to the next generation, click below for further information.
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The TESOL program allows you to study under Fulbright Scholar Alumnus Dr. Ignacio Palacios, who holds a Ph.D. in English Rhetoric and Linguistics from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Experience practical training as prospective TESOL teachers become personally involved in tutoring and doing practicum experiences actually tutoring/teaching learners of the English language. Travel around the world, since TESOL is your key to success in a profession that opens doors world-wide for English language teachers.
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