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Ministry Teams

2015 HSBC Ministry Teams

The Music Ministry Teams of Hobe Sound Bible College perform in churches, schools, church camps, youth camps and conventions around the country as they represent HSBC throughout the school year and in the summer. Their most important goal is to lead congregations into the presence of God through music and testimony. They reach out to HSBC Alumni, supporters and prospective students through Gospel music.

If you would like to schedule a ministry team at your church, camp or event, please contact the Public Relations Office at: 772-545-1400 ext. 1007.

Visit our Ministry Team music videos by Clicking Here.


 Covenant Quartet

Caleb Crouch (Tenor)

Caleb is from Corydon, IN where he attends the Shiloh Pilgrim Holiness Church with his parents, Ethan and Carrie Crouch. He is 19 years old and is a freshman in the Ministerial Department. Caleb says, “I love serving Christ and my goal is to grow closer each day!”

Stephen Nix (Lead)

Stephen is from Muncie, IN where he attends the Randolph Friends Church. His parents, Mark and Tricia Nix, pastor a church in PA. Stephen is 20 years old and is a freshman, majoring in both Ministerial and Music. Stephen says, “I ‘m excited for this opportunity to serve God. I want my whole life to be used for Him.”

Joel Veyon (Baritone)

Joel is from Hobe Sound, FL, where he attends Hobe Sound Bible Church with his mother, Becky Veyon (HSBC Alumnus and HSCA secretary). Joel is 21 years old and is a Junior in the Ministerial Department. Joel says, “God has been so good to me. He has worked in my life so much and I could never praise Him enough.”

Michael Yancey III (Bass)

Mike is from Sherman, TX, and attends the Sherman Pilgrim Nazarene Church. His parents, Michael and Regina Yancey, pastor in Tulsa, OK. He is 19 years old and is a freshman in the Ministerial Department. Mike says, “I am extremely grateful that God led me to HSBC, and I am excited to see His plans work out for my life.”

Paul Stetler (Sponsor and Accompanist)

Paul has been traveling with HSBC music ministry teams since 1998. He is the Public Relations Director at HSBC, and lives in Hobe Sound where he attends Hobe Sound Bible Church.

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Sarah Stetler (Soprano)

Sarah is from Hobe Sound, FL where she attends Hobe Sound Bible Church with her parents, Daniel (HSBC President) and Joan Stetler. She is 19 years old and is a Freshman in the Music Department. Sarah says “I’m doing my best to live for Jesus, and I’m thankful for His faithfulness to me.”

Jeannetta Cole (Alto)

Jeannetta is from Sophia, NC where she attends the Trinity Holiness Church with her parents, Tim (Pastor and HSBC alumnus) and Lori Cole. She is 20 years old and is sophomore in the Teacher Education Department. Jeannetta says, “Jesus is my best friend. I just want my life to be pleasing to Him.”

Trae Bates (Tenor)

Trae is from Winchester, IN and he attends the Independent Nazarene Church with his parents, Don and Amy Bates. He is 19 years old and is a Freshman in the Ministerial Department. Trae says, “I love God and want Him to use me in any way He wants.”

Julia Stetler (Sponsor and Accompanist)

Julia Stetler has been traveling with HSBC music teams since 2008. She lives in Hobe Sound, FL, teaches music at HSCA and serves as secretary to her father, President Daniel Stetler.

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Chapel Choir

HSBC’s Chapel Choir is comprised of students from all departments who wish to minister through music and demonstrate sufficient musical ability. The Chapel Choir ministers in local churches and performance venues throughout the school year and travels out of state on a tour in the fall and spring. While the HSBC Masterworks Chorale emphasizes an academic repertoire, the focus of the Chapel Choir is ministry.

Mark Going (Conductor)

Mr. Going has conducted the Chapel Choir since 2005. He graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a Master of Arts in Church Music with a concentration in Conducting. He serves as the Minister of Music at Hobe Sound Bible Church, and lives with his wife, Marsha, in Hobe Sound, FL.

Elizabeth Davis (Accompanist)

Elizabeth graduated from HSBC’s Music Department in 2011 and went on to the University of North Carolina where she graduated with Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy. She teaches at the Maltz Jupiter Theater Conservatory for Performing Arts and teaches piano at HSBC/CA. She lives in Hobe Sound and attends Hobe Sound Bible Church.

Click Here for the Chapel Choir’s Spring Tour Schedule.

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